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We understand the need to get away from life's daily distractions and detox from the noise and stress. Part of the reason we love Soaring Eagle is the peace and solitude it offers when life becomes too loud and hectic. 

Our Soaring Eagle house has been our primary home, then vacation home, and now we have opened it to others for their personal pleasure as we often split our time between Soaring Eagle and Gufler Mansion, our bed & breakfast in Emporia, KS. 


Rather than trying to convince you what Soaring Eagle is, or what experience you can expect, it is easier for us to explain what it is not.  

Susan & Brad Cochennet

Our home is not in the center of much of anything except nature: very few man made structures, lights, noise, high speed anything, restaurants, bars, opening or closing times, negative energy, or ongoing conflicts.  It is certainly an opportunity for individuals to relax and find themselves again - without interruption.  


Others who have enjoyed staying in our home after leaving much of their “normal life” behind have realized their own unique experience.  And with our new guests, we believe that reality of individual experiences will continue.  What we have discovered, and what we would like to share with others, is the gratification of leaving behind your daily regimen, and embracing mother nature into your life in a comfortable home and beautiful setting - privately or with people you select to join with you.  


Our approach is simple: healthy food of your choosing, comfortable beds and furnishings, and the great outdoors to observe, hike, bike, photograph, and provide a backdrop for your creative thoughts and pursuits. It is all up to you. 


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401 Soaring Eagle Ct, Chromo, CO 81128


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